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Roncalli Institute 

was founded in 1975 by Edward C. Doherty, Member of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles. 

The institute now has a 40 year history of caring for the sick, the elderly and the terminally ill.

Roncalli Institute is located at the  historic Saint Clements Castle in Portland, CT.  


Visit Saint Clements Castle's beautiful gardens





1931 Portland-Cobalt Rd, P.O, Box 427

Portland, CT 06480

"In the beginning, He was simply Padre Angelo

Roncalli with a divine calling to greatness"  ECD

Roncalli believes that elderly and handicapped should be able to maintain their independence when they cannot handle the burdens and expenses of home ownership. Roncalli also believes that we should help those in need to live with dignity.  To achieve that goal, Roncalli has established two housing facilities to serve the elderly and handicapped communities in Connecticut.   

The Court of Saint James

The Court of Saint James is a unique retirement community located in the prestigious town of West Hartford, CT, known for its exceptional shopping and scrumptious dining.  The Court of Saint James is an affordable, supervised independent living community with all the amenities for living a good life, designed for seniors, of which one must be fifty-five years of age or older.  


St. Elizabeth Manor

Saint Elizabeth Manor is a beautiful apartment complex that provides a caring home for the elderly and handicapped.  The independent living complex cares for over 100 residents and is within walking distance to all the conveniences for the elderly.  The facility is nicely landscaped, allowing residents to enjoy a green garden environment as well as the convenience and security of apartment living.

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